Online slots

Online slots: what is it?

Slot machines are one of the most common entertainment in online casinos. Online slots -this gambling game has existed for decades and still does not lose its relevance – it captivates with its simplicity, lack of complex analytics, and most importantly, good winnings. You just need to study the basic rules to understand what these are slot slots, what features do they have, and can you win a large sum with their help?

Game slots: basic principles of the game

Newbies in the field of gambling often wonder if there is a difference between slots and slot machines. In fact, these are only 2 titles of the same game. Why are slot machines called slots? This name comes from the English word slot, which translates as “hole for coins”, it became the “name” for one-armed bandits.

The principle of playing slots is quite simple and practically does not differ from visiting a regular casino. The user only needs to place a money bet and press start – the result will be determined by the combination that will appear on the screen. If three identical symbols appear, then the player will make a good profit. But it is important to take into account that the cost of different values is different – for example, “sevens” are much more profitable than “cherries”.

Types of slot slots

It is important not only to understand what a slot is, but to understand the key features of such machines. Similar mechanisms exist in 2 main variations:

 1. Mechanical – the classic model, most often equipped with a lever that must be triggered to start the game. Usually, 3 reels are used and the number of pay lines varies from 1 to 5.

 2. Video slots are modern systems that are used in online establishments. Most gambling establishments use software from leading software companies to ensure fair play. The software is based on the use of a random number generator, and therefore it is impossible to predict possible combinations.

What are slots for? This is a great option for those who are looking for easy and not burdensome entertainment that will not only help you have a good time, but also make good money on it. And in this regard, online slots have a significant advantage – the ability to take advantage of numerous bonuses that allow you to multiply your initial winnings. Moreover, many establishments are ready to offer their clients to test the offered opportunities by playing for free and without registration – and only after that they can make a deposit.

Online slots: key features

Previously, slot machines consisted exclusively of numerous springs, gears and other elements. But the developments intended for online casinos are much more progressive and functional, a system of progressive jackpots has become available to users, and the design of such entertainment has become much brighter and more colorful.

It is enough to download the selected application to your phone, and you can enjoy the process anywhere in the world – you just need to deposit money into your account, as well as provide a stable Internet connection. The main tasks of a novice player are to understand what a slot machine is and what symbols are used in this system. Traditional options: “sevens”, “bells”, “cherries” and other fruits. Later, gold bars and BAR signs appeared.

Online slots practically do not differ in terms of symbols from classic mechanical machines, players will be pleased to meet familiar meanings. The paytable is quite simple and straightforward, and therefore you can easily understand the main values and evaluate your own prospects.

Moreover, in practice everything is very easy: to understand what online slots are, you just need to replenish your account with a specified amount. After that, the user selects the desired number of lines and presses Play, and a certain combination of symbols appears on the screen. Just 2-3 launches and you will be able to understand how such a mechanism works, how winnings are accrued, and most importantly, how to make money on bonus levels.

What buttons are used in online slots?

Many players are concerned not so much with the question of what a slot is, but with information about the meaning of certain buttons. Despite the fact that slot machines exist in various variations, the principle of controlling such mechanisms remains standard. It is helpful to remember a few basic words to help you enjoy the process:

 1. Spin, Play – the button that starts the game. Sometimes there is also Start, but these names are most often found.

 2. Coins or Bet Per Line – by clicking on this button, you can place your bet by defining the amount you want to bet on the current game. The initial number of coins can be easily increased or decreased before starting the slot machine.

 3. Max Bet – when playing in an online casino, be sure to remember that there is a maximum bet size that can be set in the current game. This is convenient for those who prefer to play for high stakes, because it is easy to bet the maximum amount immediately and start playing.

 4. Line Bet – this button is also called Select Lines. The player can independently choose the number of pay lines, having determined the most advantageous parameters of the game – from the 1st to the maximum number allowed for this machine.

 5. Hold – stop the reel using this button, thereby gaining the ability to control the slots.

 6. Paytable – by clicking on this button, the player will be able to view the paytable and, if necessary, study the rules of the game in detail.

 7. Double – having received a winning combination, the user does not have to stop there. Pressing this button allows you to go to an additional round, and if luck smiles on this day, you will be able to increase your winnings.

This list of basic buttons is far from complete, but it is more than enough to understand what casino slots are. Even if the user comes across unfamiliar names, just a few launches of the mechanism will be enough to understand the main subtleties.

What is a slot and how much you can earn on it?

Counting winnings in online casinos, especially when playing slot machines, is more than simple. Users get a good chance of winning and can make a profit under the following conditions:

  • Payout per line – appearance of identical symbols on one line. There are also scatter symbols that will help you increase the amount of your winnings.
  • Bonus symbols – a unique opportunity to play for free by going to a special round. In this case, users can receive various benefits, including increased payments or other prizes.
  • Cumulative bonus – this function is provided only by online slots. It is important to take into account that this feature is implemented far in all machines, but many users choose for themselves exactly those machines that provide a progressive jackpot. You can control the increase in the base amount in a separate window, which is quite convenient – you can join the game exactly when the payout is maximum.

Conveniently, the opportunity to play slot machines is also available in Ukraine – you just need to understand what a slot is, and then you can start the mechanism. And already directly in the principles of the game it will be possible to understand directly in practice, which will not be difficult, because this entertainment successfully captivates with its simplicity.

Are there any win-win strategies for online slots?

It will not be superfluous to study betting systems that will help you not to spend all your money on slots online, but to learn how to control your finances. This will allow you to end the evening with your head held high, enjoying your victory. But it is important to consider that there are no win-win strategies, despite the many promises that can be easily found on the web.

Online establishments receive a lot of money precisely due to the fact that many inexperienced users naively believe that they can win without making any efforts. They bet large sums and instantly lose them. You should not join them, especially since you can find many different strategies on the Internet and even download a step-by-step guide. Try to play in the test mode, which is available even with Android – you can enjoy the gameplay even from your phone. Understand in detail what a slot is, set limits on the time spent in the game, and also decide on the maximum bet size. And after that, click on “Start” – and hope for luck, which will certainly be supportive.

It is enough to go through the registration process and you can start. Try in free mode what slots are in the game and learn how to use the paytable, then you just have to figure out what you can spend the won funds on.